Bridges International at UCLA – Yosemite National Park 2019

This past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of joining Bridges International at UCLA on their annual hiking trip to Yosemite National Park. This trip was nothing short of amazing. We received a warm welcome complete with homemade cookies from some of the sweetest families I’ve ever met and there was even raisin cookies, my favorite! The families that hosted us made us feel right at home,  I seriously didn’t want to leave and Anya made us homemade no-yeast bread that the kids and I have been munching on every morning this week.

We all made so many new friends from all over the world, China, Malaysia, Tibet, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and the Netherlands to name a few. And yours truly was given a Chinese name of my very own complete with Chinese characters on our way into the park.

If you’re wondering my Chinese name is, its Zhen Ni (pronounced: shen-nee) and you guessed it a very close equivalent to “Jenny”, Zhen means valuable/precious like a jewel and Ni means girl.  I’m happy to be home with my boys now but I cannot wait to go back. There’s so much to tell but I’ll let the gallery of images (posted on pixieset for a limited time) and video I made of the entire experience do the storytelling for me. Enjoy!

Bridges International is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally.”

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