A Beginning & an End

Photography began as an outlet when I was a newly wed military wife living in the east coast 3,600 miles away from family and friends. I got certified through the New York Institute of Photography in 2013 using my military spouse scholarship MyCCA, All the while I always kept learning and expanding year after year. Later on my interest in video opened new doors, possibilities and furthering opportunities, travel and new friendships. I had big dreams of international proportions but life is wonderfully filled with surprises.

2015 was a difficult year. For starters we moved to California for me to finish school, I graduated with an Associates and had it in my mind that I would continue on to pursue the medical degree despite being pregnant with baby #2. Our family both immediate and extended has gone through so much, things I’m not even comfortable with sharing, I successfully kept off social media and  in the end really should be kept private anyway. All I can say is God has a purpose and is the reason my family is intact right now as I fear I alone would not have the strength if it wasn’t for Him.

Since medically retiring from the marine corps I’ve become Kevin’s caregiver, helping him deal with the world outside the institutionalized military lifestyle has proved one of the biggest challenges. Going to school and caring for my three men left little time for marketing and promoting my business, yet I managed to keep busy and some income coming. Then I met Ali, one of the most kind,  inspirational, giving, and exemplary women I know. She was my lab partner and  on a particular November morning between lecture and experiments I found myself balling my eyes out crying, frustrated, resentful, sad, angry (enter all negative emotions here). She walked up to me and without asking any questions she said “I’m not sure what you’re going through but I thought this might help,” she placed  a small bag of tissues in my hand and handed me a little glass bottle that read “Balance”. She told me to put a drop on my wrists and breathe it in. I did as she instructed. Not even 5 minutes later and all those negative emotions were gone, I sat in lab wondering what the heck just happened to me. I felt calm, centered, balanced, and focused on the task at hand not harming anyone or myself with hazardous chemicals. A few drops of Balance essential oil was all I needed to catapult me into seriously reevaluating the direction of my life.

I’ve since applied to a 4 year university, Baby arrived and has domain over my life, we moved out of living with family and I’ve decided to be flexible with my goals. However my interests in healthcare prevail…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my photography and video journey but most importantly I love the people who have shared it with me and have come into my life as clients and exited my friends. My heart is filled with gratitude. And so it brings me to this, I will no longer be doing video  as a business and will be limiting photography sessions/events I take on.  This will allow me to open up my time, redirect my energy and love towards learning, teaching  and supporting women, mothers and wives like myself to live a healthy holistic life.

Until now I have been in search of making a real difference in this world primarily to make an impact in my children’s futures. I found my answer in advocating for natural healthcare. From eating wholesome healthy meals like the one dictated by the Whole30 lifestyle to naturally eliminate toxins in the body. To incorporating exercise and fitness to daily life maintaining strength, agility and stamina in the physical body. I took it a step further, Kev & I are currently working on getting our ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer certifications. I’ve also started further developing my mind’s health feeding it positive personal and professional development knowledge, reading books, attending workshops and seminars. And finally what I am most excited about, allowing the body to heal and balance itself using natural certified therapeutic essential oils by becoming an Independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. On the eve of my 27th birthday  I am setting forth with a  clear purpose, a vision and a mission to educate, heal and empower the people who I am blessed to share this life with. I hope you choose to join me, change your life and live a healthy wholesome life too!


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