On our Way to Financial Peace

Earlier this year we set out to Dump Debt & find Financial Freedom, I invested thousands of dollars into my photography business and it had started to become just one really expensive hobby. I set out to pay off my business credit card that I had charged the equipment, software, and supplies that had been slowly purchased in the first years of my business.

A business is like a living thing, it needs to be fed, nourished and cared for otherwise it will die. Money always needs to be invested back in the form of supplies, maintenance of a website, updating equipment, continued education, branding, packaging, marketing, advertising, and ways to enhance the client experience. Notice that I didn’t mention travel, cost of time and most importantly a salary, all of these things are paid before the owner cuts his own check.

This year along with my goal to get out of personal and business debt, I gave myself an ultimatum, I needed to pay off the debt and start seeing a glimpse of profitable income, I needed this business to start pulling some of its own weight. To be fair, we just moved to a new state and haven’t been too busy here, starting a business is hard, having to re-start a business in an entirely different market is equally if not more challenging but that’s a post for another time. Natural light lifestyle photography is directly affected by weather and it hasn’t been playing nice. I mean snow in March? In North Carolina? Regardless, since the eve of announcing my love affair with video and affinity for wedding photography the books show the sun is beginning to shine.

The year is not over, its not even half way but I have been out of business debt for a few months now and by living below our means, and finding creative ways to make extra income (ie. random creative projects) we are getting closer to our ultimate goals. Yesterday we started Financial Peace University with our church and among  his wise teachings, one thing that Dave Ramsey said really stuck out to me, he said “It is your duty as a Christian to take control of money”. Why? Good question, he explained that “poor people can’t help the needy” The goal of my business was at one point to be able to be charitable towards my community, by being less than profitable I’ve been less than likely to give back and help my family, much less the community. And so as we rethink a few things (after all insanity is defined as doing the same things and expecting different results), we continue our journey, with the help of our financial advisor who we found online through their use of LeadJig, and hope you too can join us in achieving financial peace.

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