Valentines Day Craft

As part of our homeschooling activities we take nature walks and collect things we see to put on our nature table, I really love how beautiful the nature table is with all the natural beauty of pinecones, dried flowers, leaves, cotton, twigs, and different colored rocks but I thought about how neat it would be to make something else out of these beauties. I’ve had this idea for a while of collecting branches and hanging something on it inspired by one of my favorite blogger’s advent calendar, when you are done here check out OhDearDrea she rocks my socks off! So I decided to paint the branches and hang hearts from them, here is my  very own homemade Valentine’s Day Craft do it yourself how to style 😉

You will need:

  • a branch, choose one that has interesting dimension but can still relatively  lay flat on a wall 
  • white acrylic paint, i bought mine at Michaels for $2
  • paint brushes
  • one piece of red construction paper
  • cardstock to create your heart to trace onto the construction paper
  • string, I used a silver metallic sewing string but fishing line or regular string will work
  • glitter paint (optional, I used Martha Steward Craft acrylic paint in antique silver)
  • pencil, scissors & tape

Start out by cuting out a heart out of card stock paper and cut a smaller heart out of the same piece. I had planned to use the tin chocolate covers from the chocolates Mi Amor sent him but when I tried hanging them up they looked very tacky  so i stuck with just the hearts on the branch. Before you start painting make sure your branch is dry. It had started to rain and snow here before I pulled in the branch from our outdoor collection so I let it melt off and dry before we got started. With your white acrylic paint paint the branch white , this is a great opportunity for the kiddos to get involved, make sure to cover your working area with something like newspaper or in our case the grocery sales pagesI used a smaller brush for the details and small branchesWith your card stock hearts trace hearts out of the red construction paper and cut them out. Then cut your string into small strands, I had no specific measurement just approximated about how far I wanted the hearts to hang from the branch
Tape your string onto your hearts with small pieces. I didn’t like the way the tape looked so I dug out my Martha Steward Craft glitter paint, not sure it looks at that much better but at least now when they move around they sparkle 🙂 

Finally I tied the strings to the branch. I held the branch between my legs while I tied each one. Make sure its secure and cut off any extra string at the top, my son helped by handing me the next piece to be hung and hubby stepped in as the handsome hand model holding the branch for the pictures.

So there you go, this little project is super cheap and turns out super cute! I hung mine over our entertainment center. Tt gives me something pretty to look at and when the air turns on the hearts dance around looking like little silent heart wind chimes!

Have you tried a project like this?  If you have leave me your link below, always looking for inspiration 🙂

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