Snow Day in North Carolina

Last week we experienced a major snow storm that hit a few different states including ours. Hubby got to spend the majority of the week off from work due to the lack of proper snow clearing equipment, the roads were icy, slippery and just plain dangerous. Caspian asked me to dress him up as Captain America the Winter Soldier, we stepped outside in the snow watching the sky which seemed to reflect the hard iciness we walked on. While it was too hard to build snowmen or throw snow balls we found that it if you ran and planted your feet you would slide for several feet if you kept your balance just right. We dug up our old thrifted sleigh, the  one the moving guys laughed at us when they unloaded it, “I doesn’t snow in North Carolina” they said, “and if it did, it doesn’t stick” well it stuck and stayed, now almost a week later after the first snow fall there are piles of melting snow on streets all over the county. Daddy arrived home having slid in a ditch earlier that day on his way to the gym, he made a cord out of gun slings to pull the sled and paraded Caspian across the front and backyards. Twice Caspian flew off the sled laughing hysterically at his mishap, I walked alongside the boys pointing out leaves that survived the harsh weather and were forming little dips in the ice. Someone brought out the junky snacks and Caspian munched away dirtying my white gloves before heading out again to swing his shield and finally come inside to defrost our pink noses and fill our bellies with hot chocolates.

My overarching vision : Honest. Journey. Adventure.

“I want my images to encompass the honest story of the wild and beautiful journey that life is. I want to take the viewer on an adventure into the world of the image. I want to capture motion and emotion and life all wrapped up in one good story.”

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