I’m a Failure and I’m Proud!

Last year was filled with many goals and promises to myself that didn’t go so well or simply just didn’t see the light of day I think its safe to say there were some epic failures and some little ones in 2013. Anyone remember the 365 daily project I called In This Heart of Mine that lasted just  about two minutes.. err, weeks? Or the Two Minute Tuesdays films I wanted to post every two weeks to get me practicing film. How about promising to post a blog everyday in December? becoming a CMPro, getting my branding and website designed, 60 days of Insanity workout,  hosting my first beginners-photography workshop, or learning to play guitar? The epic fail of joining the Now You Workshops where in the second week I attempted to take a self portrait one of my neighbors brought out a tripod then pushed the quick release button letting my camera crash lens first on the concrete, jammed my $2,000 lens with no insurance, needless to say  I didn’t attempt any more self-portraits after this…

Then there is those times where I failed enough to actually see results, like getting featured on a blog,  running my first Half Marathon, traveling to another state for a shoot, learning to dance in the rain, and making my first DSLR videos including a brand promotional video. Or the fact I’ve started to read for fun again, my son is fully potty trained and sleeping in his own room now. We took our very first real family vacation, we try to live simply and with intention and this year after many trails and tribulations we all have grown closer to Jesus.

I’m here to tell you that failure is not fatal.

Failure happens to Everyone.

Sure it can be frustrating and painful believe me I have more failures than measurable successes, but boy am I proud!  Let me say that again, I’m a Failure and I’m Proud!

Failure hurts because it wasn’t intended to happen.

You don’t set a goal or a target aiming to miss but each fall builds strength and although my scrapped knees (& ego)  hurt so bad to fail it feels great to get back up, dust off and try again lesson learned.  My  stumbling steps have brought me closer to where I am today and as I move along this journey I continue to tame my fears and embrace mistakes.

This year I want to do things a little different,  Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results so this year instead of trying to strive for perfection in my goals I’m making three key resolutions.

  1.  Make More Mistakes
  2.  Smile while I pick myself back up
  3. Take Charge and do it Again

In 2014 I am making failure part of my intentional growth process. I will continue to try big and probably fail big but with each step learn something new, failure has a way of bringing wisdom and compassion, and that my friends is triumph in itself.


What failures are you proud of this year? Comment below, I want to hear what failure has taught you.


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