Dear Child Blog Circle | January 2014

My sweet little guy,

Its a brand new year filled with many weeks and days and moments to fill with memories. This year we are working on so many things together. You’ve begun to understand the stories of the Bible and learning to pray. Listening to your prayers makes my mama heart so happy, they are simple and honest and pure.  Lately you’ve grown to love farm animals and claim to want to care for a baby chick, just one. We talk and dream about having our own little house with a fireplace for Santa Clause to visit and buildings in which to house our pets. I want a horse and a donkey, you ask for a dog then we giggle at the thought of a donkey in our farm. You’ll be starting swimming classes soon, your constant furniture jumping & tumbling’s got you in gymnastics, hoping you will make friends there since you’ve been asking for a baby brother for a while now. Last weekend after dinner with friends we were buckling you into the car when you said, “Mommy have baby, take it out of tummy and I play with it” I’m not sure where you are getting these ideas but I love how comfortable you are talking about it and if we do have another I know I will want you there when your baby sibling is born. But today I’m happy with just you. You are my muse. My inspiration and my greatest adventure!

I Love You,

Your Mama

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