365 Daily Project – Week One

This is the start of a personal 365 Daily Project, little glimpses into our daily lives. I aim to tell a story about how we lived, the things we did and more importantly how much we loved each other throughout the journey. This is Week One.


Our neighbors own a large piece of land that used to be a fish farm and they now run a horse boarding business. We met all the horses, chickens, and other pets including Tonka, Buckeye, & Bindy the dogs, Sioux the kitty,  and the ponies, Fabio and Fiona. Wendy and Shimmer were some of our favorites, Shimmer is a therapy horse who has sessions with a little boy with Cerebral palsy, this is a portrait of her and Caspian offering to pet her as she eats. The owner has allowed us to come to the land to visit the horses and take pictures, I also plan on  offering to help  in the spring to teach Caspian to love the outdoors, & how to care for animals. You can get furnishings like cushions that have a photo of your horse on them so these are just wonderful.


I’d like to call this one “Put down the phone and play!” as it  brings a hint of frustration to my soul. I make a big effort to not be on my phone or computer during the day so as to give all my attention to Caspian, when my husband gets home from work and sits to stare at a screen I want to scream! This image captures exactly what I see, a little boy who wants to play with his daddy and a daddy who is too involved with whatever is happening anywhere else outside our home. Kevin if you are reading this please put dow your phone and go play!


Playing outside, Caspian likes to scoot around outside doing circles around my car. I rejoice anytime he wants to play outside! Later this day we drove to Hullabaloo thinking it was the Kids Night Out night to find out it was actually the next day, we felt so silly. Caspian tagged along to a ‘family night’ at Port City Java for cookies &  a round of zebra hot chocolates. 


He waits patiently as I finish getting ready for the Hullabaloo Kids Night Out , we took this opportunity to have a date night. He had a blast playing at the play center & watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, when we arrived to pick him up he didn’t want to leave. We love this place and will be getting a year membership for him starting in February.


As usual I am the last one to bed, this was one of those times when it was past midnight  & I realized I hadn’t taken my daily 365 project picture yet. I came in to the room to pick up my camera to find them nuzzled up together, turned on the light hoping to not stir them and it couldn’t be anymore perfect. Caspian had been sleeping in his own bed already but a few nights of nightmares and sickness brought him back into our bed.


Sunday after Church, Kevin stayed after the service to participate in a men’s program while Caspian & I ran errands and had a nice mommy & son lunch at Panera. This is the moment we came home, he ran towards his room to get changed out of his clothes but before he did he stopped to look at him as I fumbled the camera. I told him how handsome he looked today and he smiled and ran off to get changed.


 There’s a storm coming tonight and the weather is cold. I meant to make milk paint to refinish some of our thrifted furniture, the roads were slippery and we didn’t quite make it to the hardware store, instead Caspian helped make homemade paint from flour, salt and food coloring donning his green smock so as to preserve his cleanliness. Later this day he helped me scrub the bathroom floors on his hands and knees, I was so proud!

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