My First DSLR Video

Not sure when or where the video bug bit me but just like Spiderman my life was changed forever. Now I did not acquire any amazing superpowers but I have developed a renewed thirst for knowledge and similar to the arachnid’s web, I find DSLR video so complicated but beautiful.

This is the very first DSLR video that I put together, its  a series of random clips taken all in the month of February 2013 called the ’30 day film project’ put forth by Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce on CreativeLIVE.  The challenge was just to get started into video, learn to handle and edit your own video to music. I was watching it today and realized how much of our lives are filled with mostly random but always beautiful moments. Looking back at this project I see it with now more experienced eyes, I note the technical errors, the camera shake , the exposure and other malfunctions and yet love it still because its our life, the way were were back then, the afternoon dance-a-thons in the living room, the flowers my husband gave me for our 4th anniversary, the chocolate strawberries for my birthday, the first time we went ice skating, Caspian’s first visit to Universal Studios, his first touch of the Pacific ocean waters, and flying to California seeing my mom again after not seeing her for over a year. Then there’s the mundane,  macaroni and cheese, Caspian’s acrobatic TV watching, driving in the car, snuggling, visiting our neighbors, bubble gum machines, and lots of shopping (yes I’m that weirdo with a camera at the stores waiting for other customers to get out of my shot range).

I’m just so happy to have this, to share it with my family and have Caspian watch it with me wondering what goes on inside his little 4 year head as he smiles and says “This is my favorite one!” watching it again and again. I’m still learning video, its incredibly confusing in my opinion much more difficult than photography, it requires a whole other way of thinking and planning but for me its so worth the reward. I just attended my first DSLR workshop this past month but my love for film grows (and so does the memory in my hard rive, hubby is getting me a GRaid for Christmas! 🙂 Cant wait to see what the future holds for  me and for this industry.

[embedit snippet=”30-day-project-of-our-lives”]

Jenne Vazquez is a lifestyle Wedding Videographer & Portrait Photographer specializing in on-location, natural light lifestyle and portrait photography for families and brides.  Currently based in Coastal North Carolina  and servicing immediate and surrounding areas of Onslow County & Pender County including Top Sail Island, Surf City, Wilmington, Jacksonville. Jenne loves traveling as far as Raleigh, NC and across the country to your front door!  

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    I like. 😀

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