I Promise to Blog

Writing has always been incredibly freeing for me. The other day when I finally sat down to semi-organize my office space I found my old journals, the ones I wrote in when I was an angst filled high schooler, a cross country running, two full-time job working, 21 unit taking overachieving college student, then an excited mother to be and finally a very happy and nervous new mom, it was so neat holding in my hands all my memories that I had locked away in the back of my mind. Its so funny to think I was all of those different people in varying times of my life, to read back with my newly wise mind and examine my thought processes of a younger me. I want to get into the habit of blogging daily at least Monday through Friday, writing was my first love. In fact I wanted to be a “Script Writer” before anything, a funny twist now that I am working on cinema or filmmaking so in a sense I am a little like a script writer, for very small cinematic minute stories.

I’m challenging myself for at least the next couple of weeks to blog. There’s always tons of ideas floating in my head and so many stories to tell. I had the most wonderful experiences the last couple of weeks, shooting Julie Paisley’s Promo video in Florida, getting to meet Michelle Gardella on my own home shores and getting to be photographed by her being part of her River Stories, traveling out of state to shoot a series of photo sessions for my clients in Virginia, and  attending the DSLR Video Workshop in Raleigh last week. All of these experiences I wish I had blogged and I WILL.  Being that I have taken the month of December completely off, no sessions, no film projects, just some time to reflect, plan for next year, get organized, getting caught up on some reading and most importantly, time with my family. Exciting things you’ll be hearing about this month: Christmas of course! Kevin’s parents will be visiting us, flying in from Chicago, IL to Raleigh, NC. While they are here we plan to explore a bit of North Carolina’s capital as well as the Marine Corps base and the city of Wilmington.

So here’s to writing, blogging and in honoring the telling of our stories. To you my dear reader and to myself, I promise to Blog!

Photo by Michelle Gardella

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