Bringing Snow to North Carolina

When we arrived in North Carolina the gentlemen unloading our belongings laughed as they brought down our sled. “You wont need this” they said as they made their way to the shed. Later it was confirmed by other locals that it seldom snows in this area and even if it did there would not be enough to go sledding on and it would melt straightaway. At this point I missed our hill in front of our home back in Virginia. Then feeling a bit cold and a lot festive I thought we could bring some snow to North Carolina, sort of. Caspian and I made our own little white snowman complete with a hat and a scarf out of our front door. This was a fun activity for us,  he was able to practice his cutting skills and learned how to make tape circles for the first time. I’m not the craftiest cookie in the jar but certainly felt very proud looking at our cute new friend whom Caspian named “Jack Frost” ready to welcome friends and family in from the cold North Carolina winter. 

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