Packing Day + Film

Three bags of luggage and a ‘first days’ was set aside when the packers arrived at 8 AM this morning. Diligently they stored away nearly all our belongings into brown cardboard boxes, as we tried to be helpful while still staying out of the way. Caspian and I stole away for a bit from all the commotion to get breakfast leaving daddy to fend for himself. We returned with three warm hotcakes and strips of bacon for daddy, a few hours passed and the house once filled with superhero wall stickers, sports trophies, hankie banners and furniture draped in blankets turned into a city of boxes, each stack towering in closets and up against the walls.

Next our most sweet neighbor stopped by with Dixie her poodle in tow, we took our two mile walk reminiscing on all the wonderful memories we’ve made in Virginia. We made plans to go to bible study this evening and say our goodbyes to pastor Tony. Needless to say with all that’s going on around here for the last few days and coming week I haven’t quite had time to put together a film for two minute tuesdays, so today I am going to cheat a little, sharing one of my favorite Vimeo films. Promise I’ll post mine up as soon as I can, enjoy!

[embedit snippet=”basement-jaxx”]

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