How to Dress Like a Cow for Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day

Sometimes you just have to do things because they are fun, today I want to tell you how to dress like a cow for Chick-Fil-A Dress like a Cow Day. Cow appreciation day has become a family tradition for us, it gets you a free meal instantly once a year, what a deal!  Its quite fun to get creative and very aw-moo-sing to see all the cute cows at this beloved family restaurant. Check out Shop My Happi Place to find the attire you need.

This is how our family broke it down this year, all these items were just hanging around the house, this day always tends to sneak up on me but we always manage to get creative:

  • BODY – Wear all black or all white clothing
  • SPOTS -Cut out white “spots” out of white card stock or black construction paper, either color works as long as its the opposite of your attire. Tape the spots all over your body.
  • TAIL -Find Twine/string and bunch a few strands together to make a tail. I used tape to hold the strands together then pinned them on our clothes with these cute little vintage camera photography pins I got at the Photoshop World Convention in DC last year.
  • EARS – Using a pipe cleaner making it into a circle then hot gluing two pieces of felt on either side we made floppy ears
  • NOSE – black eyeliner works perfect, draw a little triangle at the very tip
  • UDDERS: *Shhh don’t tell my boys only girl cows have Udders* … we are “Cows” not bulls after all 🙂 I had these medical gloves under my sink because I hate washing the bathrooms with bare hands, blowing them up with air and tying them with a little hair band then pin them on the front part of your outfit.
  • SIGN – Print out the Cow Costume starter guide at the Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day site to obtain “Eat Mor Chikin'” sign, or you could make one yourself. I used a hole puncher and strung twine to wear the signs on our necks.

Here’s a little overview of us as cows this July, can’t wait till next year!

[embedit snippet=”cow-appreciation-day-2013-video”]

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