Our Holidays 2012

We spent Christmas 2012 in Virginia,  Caspian was showered with gifts he was most excited about his superhero toys including the new Iron Man mask. Our friends the Veades invited us over for Christmas dinner,  Dallas is a wonderful cook, I still rave about her 2011 Thanksgiving turkey it was sooo yummy! The Veades are wonderful hosts, they got us all thoughtful gifts which made me feel like a total meanie for not thinking ahead… Patty, our neighbor celebrates her birthday on Christmas day so we had her over for a meal and surprised her with a store-bought birthday cake. I really do think neighbors like her are sent from heaven. The day after Christmas, Kevin’s parents arrived and we had ourselves yet another little celebration. While they were in we visited Bass Pro, Kevin has become such a hunter-man and will go there any chance he can get. We also visited the historic Manassas Battlefields, Kevin’s Dad is a religion and history teacher at a high school and this was a must see during their visit. They stayed until after new years which we celebrated by banging pots and pans together, eating grapes and lots of cocktail shrimp!  This year the holidays were truly about love, friends and family.

(ALL images are taken with a Point & Shoot camera) 

Christmas morning & dinner at the Veades

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