Jaramillo – Maternity Lifestyle Photography

We met at high noon at the farm. My boys and I had just finished cutting our christmas tree and were enjoying a bowl of chili and apple cider with friends. The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous little Paisley’s eyes were, such a gorgeous light blue. Nikki’s tummy had grown so beautifully since our consultation, excited to start. It took a few minutes for Paisley to open up, she was adamant about staying close to mommy so we tried to warm her up to the camera playing in the leaves and letting her be herself. While Anthony played a little with her I was able to sneak in a few of just mommy and her belly. When I was young I used to suck my thumb, Paisley shares my childhood habit, she did this as her strawberry lips protruded around her thumb, she also did this little thing where she would play with her mommy’s hair and twirl it around her finger, so precious. Every child has something I suppose, Caspian doesnt let go of my finger half the time and wont fall asleep unless he’s holding my hand. Anthony and Nikki were such great sports, I was able to capture a few intimate moments of just the two of them until our attention turned back to miss Paisley, towards the end of the session she opened up beautifully, even leaving her mommy behind to run and look back at me for just enough tme to capture a few of just her, success! I know she’ll be a great big sister. Congratulations Jaramillo family! xoxo

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