Brand Campaign Promotional Videos

What is a Brand Campaign  or Promotional Video? 

The promotional video does just that, it promotes your message grabbing the attention of  your target market  with video, the most visually and musically appealing way possible.  It is a cinematic showcase of your business/brand whether its introducing a new service, showcasing the classic products, or just allowing the audience to get to know who you and your brand. It highlights your unique qualities, establishes confidence and trust in your brand, increases sales (what business doesn’t like added profits right?) & its fun to make!


How does it work?

1. First check out my Vimeo and make sure my style fits your style and feel

2.  Pricing – Promo video projects starting at $950. Depending on the depth of the assignment it can take anywhere from two to three days. Aspects such as  having on camera interviews,  voice overs, or perhaps no interview at all will affect the pricing. You will be responsible for covering travel/airfare costs  to get to your location and have the choice to host me at your place, this gives me the opportunity to  get to know you and make this experience extra fun!

3.  Figure out what month would work best for you & Place a deposit, $200 will reserve your spot (pay deposit below). I book months in advance and availability is limited. Questions before you book? Contact Me!

4. Next I’ll contact you to confirm and get travel arrangements in place

5. Meanwhile gather your inspiration & pick your music I will also help you out with this concept process developing a shot-list/storyboarding etc

6. Video Chat with Me! Facetime, Skype or Google Hangout work great, we’ll go through what you want and what you want it to feel like

7. Book your location, stylist, friends, props, family, borrowed children and anything else we will need for the shoot

8. I’ll come stay with you, we’ll dance the jitters of stage fright away and shoot! Shooting usually only takes a day or two and is a totally fun and  exciting experience

9. In 21 days depending on the feel, vibe, and footage we strive to get for your film You’ll have your first version back for review

10.  You can request up to 3 changes to the first version & we’ll upload the final to your hosting as well as ship you a USB with the final Master file. We’ll shake hands, pat each other on the back and Celebrate!


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