Birth Stories

Orange County’s birth photographer and videographer

Birth Stories or birth photography and birth video is beautiful and powerful.  It’s a wonderful memory to have of a child’s journey into life and their welcome and  first moment’s with Mom and Dad.


Why should I hire a professional birth photographer? Can’t my husband take my photos?

Having a professional birth photographer present allows for high quality documentary-like photography that takes a trained eye and adequate equipment to capture. It also allows dad’s hands and heart to be fully active in the birth process.

How far in advance should I book my birth session with you?

Due to the ‘on call’ nature of birth photography I only take a few births per month so book as fast as you know you would like birth photography captured. I can only guarantee up to 2 birth spots  in the months of September through March. Unfortunately I do not take birth sessions from April-September as it is wedding season and would not compromise missing either very important event. I offer Fresh 48 Sessions an alternative to birth photography for those who would like the beautiful documentary feel and first few hours or days of baby’s life but prefer to keep the laboring and birth process a private event. A non-refundable hold the day fee is required to hold a day in my calendar.

How long will you be at my birth?

Due to the nature of birth there is no time limit to a birth session. I am called in when you are in active labor,  5cm dilated or when contractions are 5 or less minutes apart.  I capture the labor, delivery and birth and stay one to two hours after baby is born.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon EOS Mark II and fast Canon L lenses. Although experienced with using flash for wedding photography, documenting birth I take on a ‘fly on the wall’ sort of approach so that you can forget I’m in the room at all and focus on what’s important, delivering a baby!

Ok Jenne, I gotta have you. How much does it cost?

My birth stories investment options  for photography OR video is a flat fee of  $1000, a combination package is available for $1,350

Fresh 48 sessions are only $300

I’m excited! How do I book?

Use the contact tab above or email me directly at

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