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Last week I blogged a little about how our family and business is achieving Financial Freedom. One of the things I mentioned is finding creative ways to gather additional income, one of the ways I found is using skills I already had. Kim and Ray have been married for nearly 4 years now, like many married couples they opted out of hiring a filmmaker to make a video of their wedding day. I of course am going to recommend that if you can work it into your budget to hire a filmmaker you really should,  now that video viewing is so readily available through YouTube, Google+, Vimeo and even Facebook, its my believe that wedding videography is just as important as photography. These two artistic mediums will be the last threads of clear memory about the magic of your wedding day.  Photography is beautiful, it captures a moment and holds it still forever, but video, well its magical. Motion film, paired with just the right music can evoke all of the emotions you had that day. You will easily relieve that experience again and again with a click of a button. The perfect wedding video is a cinematic highlight of such a festive event.

You may remember Kim from one of my previous posts, she modeled a wedding gown and served as a beautiful model bride for an evening. When Kim saw my post about us reaching towards Financial Freedom she messaged me and asked if I could create a video out of some clips her family members had taken during her wedding.  Kim and Ray had a very traditional wedding in Virginia, she warned the video quality  would not be high and the audio could be unusable but this was per her suggestion a perfect way to earn some “creative income” and she was so right.

It was sort of neat getting to edit video clips I had not taken myself because I didn’t know what to expect. I specially loved the moments when they were in the church, Kim was just the cutest bride, all her gestures, facial expressions, Ray’s a lucky guy! The moment when they are about to kiss was so sweet, they look so nervous and excited.

“I’m in tears over here! It’s great. Brought up lots of sweet memories from that day! We had a very traditional ceremony and vows so I think just having it to the video is perfect! … I love it! It captures just how much FUN we had that day! Thank you!” – Kim 

Now as they near their 4th Wedding anniversary they have something beautiful to remember their wedding day that evokes emotion and brings them back to that special day when they said “I do”.  Thanks so much Kim for this creative income opportunity!

Jenne Vazquez is a lifestyle Wedding Videographer & Portrait Photographer specializing in storytelling wedding photography and video.  Originated from Orange County, CA, currently based in Coastal North Carolina  and servicing immediate and surrounding areas of Onslow County & Pender County including Top Sail Island, Hamsptead, Wilmington, Jacksonville. Jenne loves traveling to nearby Raleigh NC, Washington DC, and as far as Chicago IL, Florida and Los Angeles, CA  back home to southern California where she grew up. She’s happy to come across the country to tell your love story!  

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