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It was a Sunday morning in Virginia, we met with plans of frolicking and laying in the wildflowers but droplets of morning dew were still sprinkled on blades of grass.

A bit about Sonya, she has been a huge supporter of my business,  baby Owen was one of my first little clients back when I specialized in what I now call pretzel-posed newborn photography. I’ve watched Owen grow from a little newborn baby into a handsome little man. They have been to nearly every single petite session I’ve ever scheduled, they once let me borrow a few props for the Watermelon Wagon Petites two summers ago and Sonya and I once took a sewing class together! So thankful for the honor of working with this family.

Back to our Mommy & Me session, Sonya wore a long flowy skirt and cute white blouse, while Owen sported khakis with a pink and blue polo shirt. I love playing with two year olds because they are so fascinated by things that we older people tend to take for granted, Owen listened attentively as the woodpeckers pecked away at the trees, he was excited when he heard the choo-chooing of a train nearby and he was filled with happiness by the simple pleasure of just being outside. By the end of our session the sun had began to soak some of the morning dew, Sonya braved laying in the flower beds. Can’t wait to see them again soon when we return to Virginia this June!

Jenne Vazquez is a lifestyle Wedding Videographer & Portrait Photographer specializing in storytelling wedding photography and video.  Originated from Orange County, CA, currently based in Coastal North Carolina  and servicing immediate and surrounding areas of Onslow County & Pender County including Top Sail Island, Hamsptead, Wilmington, Jacksonville. Jenne loves traveling to nearby Raleigh NC, Washington DC, and as far as Chicago IL, Florida and Los Angeles, CA  back home to southern California where she grew up. She’s happy to come across the country to tell your love story!  

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