Dear Child | May 2014

Dear Caspian,

Its been quite a month, one moment the days seemed to drag on forever the next they seem to stick together and disappear. This month has been difficult, finding meaning behind the mundane can still be a challenge, looking past the whiny, crying, needy instances to find the growing, happy,  loving little being that you are. This month we made the decision to register you  to public school for Kinder, still planning on using the Earthschooling homeschool curriculum part time but giving the system a chance and yes to be honest doubting myself a little to be able to teach you academic subjects. By doing this I feel I’ll be able to give you the best parts of me, we will bake, and cook, study art, music and play outside together and spend time in nature still (all the things I think school downplays)  but no more frustration when we aren’t quite grasping a new or complicated concept at home. I feel like I’ve failed you, trying so hard to be the best mama for you so much that I’ve lost myself in the mix and forgotten what was really important, the many ways I can show you I love you.

This month we celebrated Mother’s Day, you and daddy took me strawberry picking, and we had a blast. We also went to the beach a few times, you’d refused to go to before unless you were allowed to wear your trunks and touch the water so it was great seeing you splash around with your bare belly running on the sand. I’m convinced there is something about being outside in nature that heals the soul. Since we cut TV down to only a few hours a week I’ve noticed how much more you enjoy playing outside, you will switch from tricycle to bicycle to big wheeler while I zoom by you doing circles in the scooter. Some days we draw with chalk or daddy will take you outside and you will run around while he sprinkles you with water from the hose, this is the stuff life is made of really, the happy laughter that belts out of your big wide toothy smile, your eyes covered with hair stuck to your forehead, the strong grip of your hand holding mine, this is what makes the mundane magical its also the reason God gave me to you because I seem to forget a little too often.

To remind myself,  I made a little family video to prove  that we always had  fun together and a small testament of how much I just really really, really, no,  really  love you.


Your Mama

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  • Mari GarciaMay 21, 2014 - 2:38 PM

    Absolutely love this Jenne! You are a fabulous mama don’t ever think that you are not! Love the video I wish you were closer to me!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Barrera BaltodanoMay 21, 2014 - 3:19 PM

    I love this Jenne! You have such a way with words, I only wish I could write as eloquent as you 🙂 I love seeing your adventures and in a way I feel like we are so much alike! Seriously, you’re my soul sister or something.. lolReplyCancel