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Hello! So excited to have finished  reading through all of these sweet love stories and now we share the finalists for the What’s Your Love Story? Giveaway!   As Kevin and I sat reading the stories  it made us realize how beautiful Love really is. We lived the moments through your words,  the nervous feeling of realizing you find someone so attractive but trying to keep your cool,  how friendship turns into something more, how it endures through struggles, complications, distances and sometimes its just faith. We loved the sweet moments, first kisses, and butterflies and proposals.   Thanks to all of you who submitted!

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Photography by Paul Vincent


Jessica & Richard’s Story 

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Jessica and Richard’s story  is  so sweet and romantic, “We met at camp.  We were both summer staff at Voyagers Lutheran Ministries (Camp Vermilion & Camp Hiawatha located in the North woods of Minnesota).  Camp creates such a beautiful community, and all of us quickly formed a deep friendship bonded by outdoor adventures, crazy camper stories, and a summer spent worshiping and serving God. As the summer came to an end we realized we had developed crushes for each other.  We ended up going on a date.  The date was a complete mess, and included me spilling all of my leftover pasta on my dress and Rich getting a nose bleed!  But the endearing disaster led to years of long distance dating as we attended colleges in Duluth, MN and Decorah, Iowa.  Eventually we both found our way to the Twin Cities.

Rich proposed last summer.  We were up at his family’s cabin enjoying a quite weekend together.  He waited till the sun went down and placed candles all along the dock.  The thing I remember most is how utterly nervous we were, and how, very similar to our first date, the imperfections are what speak most to my heart.

In September we get to return to the camp we met at!  We get to invite all of that beautiful community back to the sacred place that helped to form our faith, form lifelong friendships, and where we found love. Our wedding will be centered on connecting with God’s beautiful creation, celebrating the community that has supported and built us, and of course rejoicing in the blessings we have found in one another.”  They are getting married  September 6th, 2014  in Deer River, MN

ssphotography-1766ssphotography-1710Hope & Mitch’s Story 

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Hope and Mitch’s love story involves a group of friends, a  silver Jeep, a visit to Canada, expired pepper spray, crossing back to America on 9/11 with her grandfather’s knife, a handsome  police officer, pajamas,  and a Facebook friend request! I just KNOW their wedding will be so FUN! The first night they met they convinced eachother  one was in the FBI and the other in the CIA, while facts may have been bended slightly that day, the truth remains that Hope and Mitch were meant to be.     “Fate brought us together on that September night. I would have never imagined that I would meet the man of my dreams while sitting in line at customs, but I am so thankful that I did.  We have an international love. Which can also be very hard. Applying for residency and not being able to just go over to one another’s place whenever we want to can be very stressful and taxing, yet our love has prevailed and I would love to be able to catch it on video and be able to show our children one day….  I have been looking for opportunities like this one to capture our magical day! (Plus you can’t miss how adorable my baby sisters are, who will be my flower girls).”  Mitch proposed at one of the coolest places ever in my opinion,  The Bean in Chicago, IL,  their wedding will take place in  Port Huran, MI on September 20th, 2014. Hope is a Florida girl  who keeps her distance from cold weather… (and I don’t blame her 😉  after their wedding she’ll be making peace with snow in  Canada to be with her officer and start their next adventure.


Liz & Nick’s Story  

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Liz was a Marketing Manager for a physician’s group in Charlotte, NC.  Nick, a young, independent and adventurous guy, was living in Philadelphia applied to jobs all over the country.   “He flew down for an interview early one Monday morning… He now tells me that he thought I was gorgeous, but that he was determined to stay professional since he was there for a job interview.  Luckily, Nick pulled it together and interviewed extremely well…. Over the next couple of months, Nick and I grew to be quick friends. He is incredibly sarcastic, and can whip a one liner out of nowhere.  Yet as funny as it sounds, I could never quite put my finger on how he felt about me. ” Their story is of life’s sometime’s complicated circumstances,  “He was able to pull off nonchalance incredibly well, and it never failed that I misconstrued his trying to be professional with not really wanting to be around me.. After several months of getting to know each other…. I stopped seeing a young man who worked for me, and started to notice how handsome he was.… I now believe that God was aligning everything perfectly so that we could come together, but at the time I was blind to what was happening around me.” I loved reading about how they started to get to know each other better, their first hug, kiss and Nick’s confession of his feelings  “At one point he turned to me and said in the most quiet, sincere voice, “You are so unbelievably beautiful...  It took my breath away. Toward the end of the night, Nick gently placed his fingers on my chin and turned my head toward his.  He kissed me with the most gentle, romantic kiss I have ever experienced, and I knew I was in trouble.  It felt like pure comfort; like coming home when you’ve been gone for so long” They bonded over their love of travel, animals, art and books.  “He quickly became my best friend, and I his… He has an ability to make me laugh no matter what is happening.  Even if I am completely angry and frustrated, he just makes a stupid little face and I can’t be upset with him. Nick and I came to know and be a part of each other’s families…  Our love grew to another level as we began to pray together through [tough] times.” How he proposed is just darling, in December 2013 “… I noticed that there were 7 red notes tied with raffia and labeled with a big number on the Christmas tree.  There was a note at the top of the tree that said, “For Liz.  Please read in order.”  I went through the notes one by one, where Nick described his feelings when he first saw me, times that were special, and when he knew that he was in love.  The final note said that he wanted us to grow old together because he could not imagine his life without me.  I turned as I read it, and Nick was on one knee holding the ring of my dreams and asking me to marry him.  It was completely romantic, sincere, and SURREAL.” ummm….ahhhh!!! 😀 Liz and Nick get married October 4th, 2014 in White Stone, VA, their  story truly made us smile 🙂

Ashley & Matthew’s Story

Ashley & Matthew met at 14 years old, he offered to walk her home from school later shared their first kiss in a  park. They  now have 3 amazing kids together, Damien, Lilly, and Khole. 10 years later these High School sweethearts having been through so much are ready to make it official. Love truly does endure. They are planning their wedding July 30th 2015  in Iowa

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Hopeless RomanticTenicia & Justin’s Story

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 Justin and Tenicia went on their first date February 14, 2009 and have been inseparable ever since. After 4 years of dating, Justin proposed on April 20, 2013 at the Umstead Restaurant in Raleigh, NC. They are excited to create a family built on God, love, laughter and friendship. Tenicia says,  “I feel like we’ve been through SO much together and have grown so much since being together. We have been there for each other through good and bad and the result is a fiery love that’s inextinguishable. Justin has been so supportive of all my dreams, including me quitting my job, packing my bags and moving to another state for pharmacy school last year. In fact, I-85 has become a second home to us as we drive the 6+ hours between NC and GA to spend quality time with each other on the weekends and sometimes for a few hours during the week. I admire Justin’s strength and perseverance, even after losing both of his parents to cancer. In turn he values my determination and kind spirit as I battle being a full time pharmacy student (in GA), masters student (in NC) and full-time wedding planner. He loves me unconditionally and I plan to spend the rest of my life showing him how grateful I am he chose me to be his wife. They are tying the knot on July 5, 2014 in Raleigh, NC

See their entire love story including his incredibly funny account of how they met (believe me its hilarious!) on their wedding website




Jenne Vazquez is a lifestyle Wedding Videographer & Portrait Photographer specializing in storytelling wedding photography and video.  Originated from Orange County, CA, currently based in Coastal North Carolina  and servicing immediate and surrounding areas of Onslow County & Pender County including Top Sail Island, Hamsptead, Wilmington, Jacksonville. Jenne loves traveling to nearby Raleigh NC, Washington DC, and as far as Chicago IL, Florida and Los Angeles, CA  back home to southern California where she grew up. She’s happy to come across the country to tell your love story!  

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