Oliveri Family – Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer

Very excited to share this session purely lifestyle a complete walk in the park, literally. I remember arriving to their Alexandria neighborhood not knowing first of all where to park, I may just take the title of worst parallel parker ever! Jen’s husband came out to help me, thank goodness of awesome clients, I came in the house to see little Dylan and the first thing I noticed were all the blue and white ballons, yes you guessed it we were celebrating a birthday! Jen gave me complete artistic license with just instructions to capture them ‘as they are’. I love love love this session because I captured some very special moments and although seemingly mundane they are so much better than just your deer in the headlights styled portraits, from sharing a morning snack, crawling around, showing off newly acquired walking skills to building and knocking down blocks (daddy’s in contruction so it was only natural) Even got to  meet the resident pets. The Oliveri family told me about their plans to sell their adorable little condo in the future so this would be a great opportunity to capture their life as it is now before they moved on to bigger and better things.  We set forth on our walk around the neighborhood to the nearby park to swing and play, meanwhile meeting some of the friendly neighbors with plans on a sweet ending for the birthday boy,  this session is a total dream!

View the Oliveri family’s previous session HERE (boy how they’ve changed, even my style of shooting has changed so much 🙂

So since we were celebrating Dylan turning one so of course what’s a birthday without cake? Here’s sweet Dylan’s very own cake smash! My favorite part of course is when mom and dad joined in the fun! 

xoxo, Jenne

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