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Today I want to share my super cute handmade photography packaging for my family, birth and wedding photography clients. I’ve been working on packaging since day one and it isn’t until now that I can truly say that I LOVE my packaging.

Caspian and I often go on walks around the neighborhood, we pick flowers and leaves and sometimes branches, we bring them home, do a nature journal, identify and describe them, sometimes we paint them or make new things out of them. This time we decided to pick flowers from the tree right outside our front door that was blooming beautiful white flowers and preserve them.  One day I found a dried flower in my car after falling out of my pocket, this is what actually gave me the idea to try and try the flowers on the dashboard figuring the heat from the car would help. I found that the flowers didn’t do too well on the dashboard as the petals would fold into themselves and also it became a nuisance having to pick up the flowers when they would fall all over the place after a drive. Learning from my mistakes I then used my bible and a few other books on my coffee table to press the flowers, don’t ask me why I didn’t think of this in the first place LOL  Another nature walk collection was a branch we found, I wanted to make pretty round wooden tags so one afternoon I sat down by the doorway with a saw in my hand and the branch in the other cutting little circles. We purchased the recyled CD sleeves at Staples they are called Rebinder ReSleeve CD sleeves and come in a 25 pack for only about 10 dollars much more affordable than a place like Kraft  & Jute,  floral tape I got at the dollar store I only needed one and have plenty left,  the  doilies I purchased at Michaels they have so many varieties of cute embellishments its easy to get creative and start making your own packaging designs.  And speaking of which CLICK HERE to visit coupon page, its a terrific resource for all your artsy crafty needs after all, who doesn’t love to save? Lastly I found that it needed my actual name on the packaging, I am absolutely head over heels with my new mermaid and child logo Ashley Stamper of Laynie and Belle designed for me, she’s a wonderful, patient and very talented graphic designer. Per suggestion of another photographer friend I ordered rounded circle stickers from at first they came in very faded, you can see in the images below you can hardly see the logo design, however  their wonderful customer service is in the process of sending me a revised set to which I made sure to use their guidelines and made the design darker.

I never had this actually planned, it all just came together in a culmination of two months of instagraming my inpiration and found myself sitting here will all these cute little items.

My Instagram Inspiration Board, follow me @jennevazquez

First thing I did was use the glue stick to attach the doilies to the CD sleeve, next I wrapped floral tape around the sleeves and tied it up in a little bow, this takes a little practice but you’ll find as you stretch the tape it begins to stick to the sides of the sleeve which helps.
I then stuck the logo stickers in the middle of the doilie and inserted the dry flowers in between the tape and sleeve hot gluing it down at to top of the flower and where the tape and stem meet. Finally I wanted to use the wooden circles so I took a black sharpie and wrote “Thank You!” on one side and hot glued them to the back of the CD sleeve. I personally love that they are all handmade which makes it more personal and that each one is as unique and special as each of my wonderful clients. And so  there you have it, my beautiful handmade packaging for the photographer on a budget,  using instagram to document my inspiration,  pressed flowers, floral tape, lace doilies,  circle stickers, 100% recycled CD sleeves, sawed wooden circles from a branch, a sharpie, stick glue, hot glue and most importantly LOTS of LOVE!



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