Jayden – A Day in the Life

This week after our BIG news announcement I was determined to start decluttering and simplifying, I marched myself into Caspian’s room and started taking out old toys, baby things, thing’s I didn’t even know we had, I put them all downstairs and prepared myself to get rid of each and every last item. Then I remembered what Joy Prouty said at the Wildflowers Workshop  “they wont have these things forever”  and how she had encouraged us to take pictures of the books, and things that laid about  surrounding our children’s lives.  I didn’t have any pictures of these things, the baby toys Caspian played with when he was a baby, the jungle gym, the rocking horse, the jiraf with the crinkly and squeeky ears, the elmo chair, the alphabet blocks. I know that may seem silly but its so important to me to remember these things, and pictures do take much less space than do all of these things up against my wall. This is when I realized how amazing this session is, a day in the life  photography session of Jayden at one year old enjoy!

view Jayden’s 6 month session HERE

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