Janet & Audrey – Orange County Family Photography

My mother is a single mom,  she’s strong, hardworking, resourceful, well I guess you kind of have to be when raising four children on your own. She’s inspiration and most importantly my role model. Recently I had the honor or shooting a young woman not much older than me who is also a single mother, her daughter Audrey charmed her way straight into my heart. We met on a Sunday morning at Palms Island in Orange County, CA, Janet looked gorgeous in her red rose dress and Audrey so lively in her spring outfit. I love this session so much not only because of my two lovely subjects but I loved getting to see that bond they have between mother and daughter, I do not have many pictures of my own mother and myself so I knew I wanted to make this extra special for both of them to cherish in the future. There was a small little play area next to the scenic path so we followed Audrey as she led the way there, down the slide they went and my heart was filled with happiness to watch them both having fun that day. My biggest reward must have been the snuggles Audrey gave me at the end of our session, children are definitely my favorite kind of people. Thank you Janet and Audrey for sharing your day with me! xo


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